Short Stories
Reality Has Gone Virtual
A science fiction story speaking on virtual reality, and the fact that we may not be able to avoid it, even if we want to.

Cybernetics professor claims to receive 1st chip transplant
An Infobeat story that is related to the topic of "Reality Has Gone Virtual.

Histories, biographies, or something like that
Chippewa Valley BBS History
An insiders look at the Chippewa Valley(Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, etc., in Wisconsin) BBS'ing scene, seen through the eyes of one who left geographically, but never left in spirit.

(Supposed) information about Clay Busker
Numerology report for Clay Busker
I find this very interesting, because it's a vague prediction of my future using numbers that came from my name, birth, etc. Yet, looking back on it now, a couple of years removed, it's almost completely wrong.

Songs, poetry
Lyrics to Power is Just a Delusion
I wrote down a song that kept on running through my head. The words explain it better than I can.

The Future of a Man
Good is evil, evil is good. How is a person to decide which path to take?

Thoughts, ideas, essays
Mentally In the Past
Fondly looking back on the past to the detriment of the present. Has nostalgia hit you recently?

Doublethink is common
Rant about people holding contradictory thoughts. Needs editing.

The Dream
One night I had a dream. It talks again about how power is a delusion. Yet it's a choice that we take. Do we take the power, or do we refuse it, even though it would seemingly be a nice thing to have?

Predictions for the Future
I wrote this for some competition(but I never submitted it) that wanted to know what our predictions are for the next fifty years in technology. It's incomplete, but oh well.

The Point of Life
What is the point of being alive? Are we just animals? Or is there some greater purpose for us, with there being a god?

The Next Step
Ruminations of a new High School Graduate. What will we (our generation) do?

Change of Pace
An unfinished look at how our life seems to be flying by, at a quick pace. Yet it still does not make us happy. This was originally supposed to be a story of some kind, but I got lost in thinking about the world. I think it's better this way.

A Step Back
We're a lot like ants.

Elusive Uniqueness
Being unique is hip. Yet doesn't that mean that no one is unique, if we all are? How is one to be unique?

A Friend To All
Mourning that a friend had left, if only for a short time.

Okay, perhaps not all that objectionable, but this section is where I get a little flippant with my writing.

I'm a minimalist
A minimalist walks into a bar...

I was originally thinking of adding a confessionals part to my webpage, where I discuss my inner thoughts and feelings and whatnot, but...

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