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Storm BBS.
It's what I ran on a dial-up line back in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin from 1995 to 1996. I also ran it in Ripon, Wisconsin for the year after that, but the lack of any other known BBSs in the local calling area prevented me from averaging more than one call a day.

Storm BBS is back again, this time through telnet. Same BBS software, same BBS computer, even some games that started back in 1995. However, it is a completely different world. BBSs are not the main thing people do with modems, the Internet is.

Regardless of what the Internet is now, BBSs are a hobby of mine. Thanks to the Broken Toenail, I've kept my interest in the hobby. But, it's time to move out on my own, and see what sort of magic I can recapture.

Mind you, there ARE some things that BBSs do better than the Internet. Exactly what is open to debate. Regardless of what it is, though, I think a different type of community is one of them. You get a different type of discussion, with different types of people, with fewer ads and other annoying stuff that the Internet does. And, in those magical places where the BBS consists of mostly local people, it takes away a bit of the anonymity of the online world, too. After all, when you login to your group at Yahoo Groups, you don't really expect to meet the people that are on the list, unless it's a list for something local in the real world. The BBS is somewhere inbetween, where there's a real possibility that you'll get to see the person behind the alias. Or at least I hope there is.

Of course, if you're reading this, you almost certainly know me(either that, or you're some random stranger with WAY too much interest in other random strangers. Or else this is being read at some point in the future, when random strangers have a legitimate reason for reading my random ramblings. Bah. Too much trouble to think about.). Since you know me, you might want to know a bit more about me. Perhaps more of how I think, how I act, what I'm good at, etc. Well, my BBS is probably the best way to explore me. Okay, that sounds bad...

Regardless, my BBS offers a few decent messages, and an interesting array of text-based door games, including a game of LORD where some people haven't played in years, and some are playing now. It's a bit of a challege to figure out who's who.

So, just try it out already. By the way, I'm Adept. Nice to meet you.

Telnet to Storm BBS
This page last updated on Friday, February 9, 2002